Belly-Bolly Dancing

BELLY-BOLLY DANCING – Thursdays, 6 p.m

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Belly-Bolly dance is for all women, no matter what your age, size, shape or ability. Liz will teach you the posture for the dance, based on pilates principles, which strengthens your back, hips, legs and abdomen. Dancing barefoot is good for osteoporosis and frees up the whole body, encouraging flexibility, coordination and balance while giving deep muscle exercise. Liz shows you how to do the moves that your body was made for, together with transitions and variations, blending them all into whole dances. There is always a warm-up and cool-down included in the classes.

Belly-Bolly dances come from a wide range of countries and cultures, ancient and modern, stretching from Andalusian Spain, across North Africa and the Middle East and on to the Indian styles of Bollywood and Bhangra. Later, you’ll learn how to dance with veils, scarves, sticks and finger cymbals.

No, you don’t have to show a bare middle and lots of flesh! It’s fun to tie on a spangly hip-belt and shimmy, shake and snake around with a group of supportive women. We laugh a lot as well as dance!

Absolute Beginners classes are held at Ponsanooth Village Hall on Thursdays 6pm So, come along and see how the dancing feels.

For more information, contact Liz on 01326 564744 or

You can also see how the dances look as performed by Seef Saffah on YouTube.
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